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•   Patricia A. Morris (Hoffman)  10/18
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•   Arliss Ridgway (Wolf)  10/5
•   Jay S. Wassall  10/1
•   Shirley A. Macklin (Herring)  9/25
•   Paul D. Furniss  9/7
•   John R. vanVenrooy (van Venrooy)  9/7
•   Judith A. "Judy" Showell (Loeber)  9/6
•   Christine E. McKay (Flanigan)  9/5
•   Dawn K. Lambdin  9/5
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•   Joyce A. Rupp (Whitney)  10/18
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•   Julia Lawlor  10/20
•   Jay S. Wassall  10/26
•   Patricia A. "Patti" Porter (Stubbe)  10/27
•   Pamela A. Peterson (Dimeler)  10/28
•   Robert B. Huey  11/1
•   Michele A. Pedlow (Marmer)  11/1
•   Deborah L. Lay (Keiser)  11/2
•   Allan L. Teal  11/8
•   Douglas A. Cadman  11/11
•   Gordon H. Cardwell  11/12
•   Martin J. "Marty" Iaffaldano  11/13
•   Gayle C. Maris (Daley)  11/14
•   Gary Taylor  11/14
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to the Penncrest High Class Of 1972 web site!

We're glad you found us!




Hello to all of my PHS Class of ’72 classmates.

            Man do we have a reunion night planned for you! There is nothing like rolling back in time to our younger, teen years.
            We’ve chosen the great Media Theater to reminisce and enjoy each other. AND, we have selected some food from venues that still exist from our graduating year- Linville, Pinocchio’s, Riddle Ale House, to name a few, along with some newer offerings from Media area restaurants.
            Music and pictures from the past, great conversation with no structured meal to slow us down, and the old Media Theater for our event.
 I have great memories of the theater when I was young: my Mom dropping me off with 30 cents to watch a scary double feature AND enough to still get candy and a soda, sneaking into the balcony, puttin’ my arm around a girl on our first date !
            Please come join us and get your money in for what should be a great, very informal event.
Hope to see you all !
                                                                                                Jeff Campbell
                                                                                                Class of ’72 Committee

Hello all my Penncrest Friends!

Well...we're gearing up for the 45th reunion and would love to see you all there!

We checked out the Media Theatre last night and it feels pretty much like it felt back in the 60's/70's. It will be comfy, cozy and fun. There are couches all around, we're going to have the upstairs and the downstairs (not where the actual theatre is). There is an elevator for easy access. We have some terrific food planned from all over Media. It will be way more interesting than a sit-down dinner. It's Saturday, October 28th. On Friday, there's a get-together at the Riddle Ale House and on Sunday a barbecue/walk at Ridley Creek State Park. Let me know if you need me to email a sign-up card, in case you didn't get one or can't find it!

We sure hope you can come. What a great class we have. Love, Becky

Did you get your invitation???


If not please message the committee at

Friday night begins with a Happy Hour at the Riddle Ale House 

**** We have been informed there is a home Football Game Friday night at 7 pm - go to the game, stop by after for a beer at the Ale House

Sunday we wind things down with a walk and talk at Ridley Creek State Park.

Please register yourself and let us know what you have been up to! Don't forget to  include your email as we are building a mailing list to keep everyone informed and up to date on what is going on

If you missed the reunion on 9/22/12- you missed a great time! Over 180 people gathered for weekend activities that involved a lot of chatting, dancing and getting to know one another again.Check back  here to see pictures, videos and comments from classmates...and hope you will join us in 2017 

.At the reunion we raised $1500 to honor our late classmates. The committee decided we wanted the gifts to go to small organizations, where our contribution would make a difference. It also was important to that our contribution would benefit youth in the Rose Tree Media School District. We decided to split the money 3 ways - $500 a piece. The organizations we selected are:

Media Youth Center  -

Media Theatre -

Media Food Bank -  The info about the food bank is under ministry.

Thanks to our classmates who donated goods and services and others who bought chances to support our goal. It only confirmed what we already knew - our class is made up of an outstanding group of men and woman.


Click on the link below to see the tribute to our class - the audio didn't work at the reunion.

As you will see we are in need of pictures of our late classmates. If you have something please email them to me - Enjoy!




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